Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain and more rain

Oh the thunder came early this morning and what followed was the clammer of my big German Shepherd named Flic.

Though he is a fearless beast when the doorbell rings , Mother Nature just has to bellow from above and he becomes a very timid puppy in search of rescue from his loved ones.

Forecasters are calling for three days of rain and plenty of it . My front lawn will be thrilled to see the rainfall. It is a beautiful lawn with one exception regrettably I sprayed six Dandelions and was rewarded with perfectly circularity yellow patches that when neighbors pass by not only do they admire my gorgeous green carpet but conversation now turns to my ugly yellow circles. Hopefully with rain, a heafty mixed blend of soil and the most expense grass seed on the market will turn my my lawn into the envy of the neighborhood again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A labour of Love

I created my little Secret Garden approximately seven years ago.
We were the first house built in a newly developed community.

I remember moving in and all we could see around us was red clay .

We purchased the house in September 1999, that winter I sketched my plans for my suburban oasis.

Spring 2000 with my plans in hand and my list of perennials , my daughter and I scouted every Garden Nursery in the area and beyond.

Day after day we returned with our treasures . On one occassion I bought a Magnolia tree . blossoms were still in bloom on it and it looked quite beautiful but stark as it was the only tree in the neighborhood.

I look back on my garden and remember all the tranformations that took place , the work and love that was poured into the small area that I now feel so much peace when I enter into it.

The garden in years past